Digital Currency | Good as Gold™

We'd like to introduce you to the first digital currency that is redeemable with physical gold and built on 6,000 years of trust.

A currency that offers secure, descrete, low cost, irrevocable transactions and can also be redeemed for any traditional currency, anywhere, in minutes.

Introducing AUREALS™

AUREALS™ represent an historic break though in applied mathematics and cryptography. They are sophisticated, proprietary DIGITAL BEARER BONDS™ built on the distributed application layer of the open source, digital ledger book protocols called the block chain that have been battle tested for almost 5 years. ICON has developed proprietary technology that allows AUREALS™ to be traded and stored via decentralized server exchanges that cannot be centrally manipulated or shut down.

AUREALS™ will be released in limited quantities in Q3 2014.


ICON utilizes proven advanced cryptography, a branch of applied mathematics that allows you to trade, store and audit AUREALS™ all in real time. Transactions are executed instantly using encrypted keys, securely and discretely.


Who We Are

ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA is a licensed financial services firm based in Panama. The Company is led by a Seasoned Management Team with international banking, finance, risk management, technology, governance and gold trading experience.

Public Markets

ICON admitted for trading on GXG Markets in London
at US$2.00 per share 08/04/14


AUREALS™ purchase information will be available in Q3 2014.

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    -----------------------------For Immediate Release-----------------------------   

    LONDON, AUGUST 07, 2014

    ICON Capital Reserve SA (“ICON”) the Panama based financial services company behind AUREALS™, a crypto-currency fungible with physical gold, is pleased to announce that its’ common shares have been admitted to trade on the First Quote of GXG Markets in Europe (

    ICON CEO J. Bradley Hall commented, “Voltaire was famously quoted as saying ‘Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero’ and the fiat currencies of the world seem to be in a race to see who will be next. Of the 775 fiat currencies launched throughout history, 559 have disappeared completely, so the continued debasement of the $USD, appears to be assured and we have launched ICON to participate in shaping what may come next. Listing our shares on GXG Markets is an important step in our corporate development.”

    ICON COO John Gainor observed, “I think we can agree that the last century was an industrial revolution where resources were centralized and automation was used to extract efficiencies. Our current, closed financial system reflects this approach where...

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    The inaugural London edition brings Inside Bitcoins to the emerging digital capital of Europe to explore the growth of crypto currencies, FinTech...

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    The Digital Currency Summit is set to take place in Andorra September 17-19, 2014. The summit will focus on the role of virtual currency...

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