Digital Currency | Good as Gold™

We'd like to introduce you to the first digital currency that is redeemable with physical gold and built on 6,000 years of trust.

A currency that offers secure, discreet, low cost, irrevocable transactions and can also be redeemed for any traditional currency, anywhere, in minutes.

Introducing AUREALS™

AUREALS™ represent an historic breakthough in applied mathematics and cryptography. They are sophisticated, proprietary DIGITAL BEARER BONDS™ built on the distributed application layer of the open source, digital ledger book protocols called the block chain that have been battle tested for almost 5 years. ICON has developed proprietary technology that allows AUREALS™ to be traded and stored via decentralized server exchanges that cannot be centrally manipulated or shut down.

AUREALS™ will be released in limited quantities in Q4 2014.


ICON utilizes proven advanced cryptography, a branch of applied mathematics that allows you to trade, store and audit AUREALS™ all in real time. Transactions are executed instantly using encrypted keys, securely and discretely.


Who We Are

ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA is a licensed financial services firm based in Panama. The Company is led by a Seasoned Management Team with international banking, finance, risk management, technology, governance and gold trading experience.

Public Markets

ICON admitted for trading on GXG Markets in London
at US$2.00 per share 08/04/14


AUREALS™ purchase information will be available in Q4 2014.

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